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Cornerstone Project



Welcome to the Lodge Resources Committee's first video newsletter. This issue highlights the Cornerstone Project, which pulls together many of our other programs. As the proper placement of the cornerstone ensures a solid foundation upon which to build any structure, so too it teaches our lodges the important lesson of having innovative and vibrant programs to ensure that our lodges are strong.

The Cornerstone  Project is a means for all lodges to stay alert to the issues and problems that could overtake them and to continue their tradition of meeting the needs of their members through  innovative and informative events and activities within their stated meetings as well as in addition to them. In fact, when lodges examine the requirements for Cornerstone, they typically find they are already meeting many of the standards

You will find the challenge of completing the tasks fun, as well as beneficial. If your lodge is not already participating, please listen to R.W. Bro. Ron Findlater's presentation and consider if your lodge would benefit from doing this project. More information as well as the detailed requirements are available in the members section of the Grand Lodge website (Craft Stewardship->Lodge Resources->Cornerstone), and any member of the Lodge Resources Committee is willing and available to answer your questions.


David J. Cameron

Chair, Lodge Resources


 Testimonials from Cornerstone Project Lodge Coordinators 

  1.  "This Cornerstone Project will definitely not go to waste since it does enhance Brother-to-Brother Programs, Mentor Programs, etc. as well as good management. I hope every lodge sees the value and seeks the recognition"

  2. "The existing program is quite comprehensive as is, requirements are attainable, and structured to encourage their focus and planning" 

  3. "I would make it mandatory for all lodges in the jurisdiction to have and implement Cornerstone Project. Our lodges will be busy, active and fun places to be" 

  4. "Without this Catalyst (Cornerstone), we drift from month to month and deal reactively to events......By planning and executing our activities, the lodge has become more vibrant and more interesting......It also required us to get more people involved including the older, more knowledgeable Masons that appreciate being asked to participate in high quality functions" 

  5. The standards of the Cornerstone Project also help raise the bar on normal lodge activities like the "Mentor Program" 

  6. "The Cornerstone Project can be compared to a business canvas. It encourages better planning within a lodge. Better planning increases accountability, measurement and involvement by more brethren to attain the required standards. It can be compared to best practices in Masonry. As a result, we are experiencing more member & asset growth"



R.W. Bro. Ronald L.M. Findlater

Past Master, Mercer Wilson Lodge No. 678

DDGM, Wilson North District 2008 - 2009

Grand Lodge Team Leader  - Cornerstone Project  from 2010 to present


"Just as the newly initiated Entered Apprentice symbolically represents the cornerstone of the lodge and thereby its future, so too does the lodge symbolically represent the cornerstone of the Grand Lodge and its long-term sustainability. Each of the constituent lodges have their own unique challenges, but we stand together with one common goal, that of ensuring the sustainability of the Craft."

"Cornerstone Project has been developed to assist lodges with their many challenges. Its primary purpose is to recognize lodges that plan , implement and manage a well rounded, yearly lodge  program that promotes lodge activities, brotherhood, charitable work and involvement in the community"