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SATURDAY, March 10,  2012


The Algoma District Masonic Association meeting Saturday, March 10th, 2012 was called to order at  8:45 am., Gary Christian presiding. Motion to come to order by Fred Bryson, seconded by Bob Gillman.


The minutes of the meeting Saturday, February 11th, 2012 were passed out and confirmed and adopted as printed.


Update status of March 25, hockey game and tickets sales – tickets need to get out to lodges as soon as possible. Hockey will take place from 2 – 4 followed by afternoon meal at Connaught Lodge. It is requested that all lodge Secretaries contact lodge brethren, by phone or email, who would be interested in attending this event.


Review of upcoming events (Yuker and Cribbage challenge) – on the 5th of May at the DDGM meeting at Shuniah Lodge all brethren are invited to attend an afternoon of Uker and Cribbage sponsored by the Masonic Association in conjunction with the committee to elect the next DDGM.

Adding the Secretaries/Master of the outlying area lodges to the association using Skype so they could attend the meeting – the suggestion to test this application prior to the next meeting of the Masonic Association so that it can be used at our next meeting on April 14th. If successful this format can be used for future lodges of instruction. Outlying meetings are recommended at least once a year for the Masonic Association (possibly in the fall at a central location like Nipigon, or Geraldton, or Terrace Bay). Outlying Masters of Lodges could determine a consensus of opinion on this matter.


Update status of new DDGM – the meeting to select the next DDGM will be on March 25th at Connaught Lodge, where Past Masters of this lodge will get together to choose the candidate. Two Past Masters are currently taking the course and will be ready by that time. Suggestions were made regarding subsequent lodges having a representative attend the Masonic Association meeting with a position becoming available as the prospective DDGM (3 years in advance). It is noted that this will “take the politics out of choosing the DDGM / Secretary jobs.” It is also noted that this will “create more successful achievement of goals of Trestleboard committees.”


Review status of MasoniChip Program Coordinator - Dean Botchar has put his name forward to continue in this role, yet to be acknowledged.


Bylaw Review Committee presentation -  The Committee consisting of John Breen, Mike Abbott and Tom Charlton met and revised the By-Laws and presented these to the members of the Masonic Association present. New items added to the existing format included ‘Approved’ and ‘Amended’ heading to track the most current version of these by-laws. Also is the addition one dollar per member per year as dues (beyond the $25. one time fee). Officer position added as 2nd Vice President, with required duties. Duties of all officers listed with rotation of officers from 2nd Vice President though 1st Vice President to President. District website involved in posting information on lodge events.


Please forward any requests for changes to these updated by-laws directly to John Breen ( so that they may be voted on at our next meeting (April 14th).


Other business -

A list of the membership has been requested for the next meeting. Past Secretary M. Abbott may provide.

Balance of Treasurer statement updated. No expenses to announce.

Fort William Lodge is having a steak dinner  ($10 per member) on June 13th at 6 pm followed by draws for high quality items of Masonic significance. See John Stewart (F.W. Lodge Secretary for tickets).