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Minutes Of Algoma District Meeting

Saturday, May 05, 2012

11.00 AM. Shuniah Lodge Bldg, Thunder Bay Ontario.


The meeting was called to order By R.W. Bro. Cedo Jankovic, with 25 in attendance as per the registration.


The opening invocation was given by R.W.Bro. Robert Manz.


The minutes from the previous district meeting, held at the Shuniah Lodge  Bldg.  In May of 2011, were not available to be read and approved at this meeting.


The minutes from the July 20 Mtg held in Toronto at the Grand Lodge Communication were read, but not approved at this meeting.

One correction was made concerning the Title of the DDGM elect at that time.


It was moved by Wor. Bro Bob Swan  and seconded by  Wor. Bro Tom Pidgeon that  Wor. Bro. Grant Poulin  be nominated for the position of  District Deputy Grand Master, Algoma District for the year of 2012-2013.


W. Bro Al Smith moved that nominations be closed.


After calling for nominations three times R. W. Bro. Cedo jankovic declared Wor. Bro Grant Poulin to be acclaimed as District Deputy Grand master elect and congratulated him on his nomination.


Wor. Bro. Poulin introduced his choice for District Secretary as  Wor. Bro Tom Appelt.


R.W.Bro Cedo Jankovic added that he was very supportive of REGALIA being recycled to new officers. The cost of new regalia is now becoming expensive  at approx  $3700.00 for the DDGM and Secretary  being elected to District positions. It was also added that Grand Lodge has been in favor of the recycle process for some time.


R. W. Bro Manz  reported on a request that asked about Lodge rotation for the DDGM election. Apparently there is no protocol for rotation  and it seems to take a process that has been used in Algoma district for years. No written process is available.


Further discussion pointed out that a course is available to anyone interested in pursuing  the DDGM position through Grand lodge at a cost of  $50.00. It is a requirement that anyone being  considered would have completed that particular course.


V Wor. Bro. Don Bergman , Grand Stewart, spoke on behalf of the value of the Grand Lodge course and how it is a good training tool for all members of masonry.


Wor. Bro John Breen, Chairman of the Algoma Masonic Association confirmed that the course is required. In most other districts  in Ontario the Masonic Association takes a prominent role in promoting  the candidates for the DDGM position. It was mentioned that out of 50 districts in Ontario only two still use the rotation process. Algoma being one of them.


 Wor.Bro. Bill Calder, District Secretary reported that the financial position of the Algoma District fund is healthy at the present time.  Total as of this date is $4784.98  There are still two lodges to submit their final  Lodge assessment for 2012. It may be noted that expenses for Grand Lodge will be taken from the account before  transfer of remaining funds to the New DDGM.


Under New Business the DDGM pointed out that there have been about twenty people signed up to attend the Grand Lodge Banquet in Toronto.


He encouraged all members to consider attendance and also pass the info on within their Lodges to promote the Meeting etc.


R. W. Bro Robert Manz finished with a closing Prayer.


Wor Bro Tom Charlton moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by W. Bro Grant Poulin.


Chairman                                                                                                             Recorder


R.W. Bro  Cedo Jankovic                                                                                 W. Bro William Calder

DDGM Algoma District                                                                                      District Secretary