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SATURDAY, September 22,  2012


At 11.15 am, the DDGM, R. W. Bro. Grant Poulin welcomed everyone and ensured everyone was introduced to one another. There were 12 in attendance, and regrets from 5.


The minutes of the last meeting held in Toronto in July were requested to be read but were unavailable. The budget for the year was presented and discussed.  The per capita allowance for the first installment will remain the same as last year, or $4.50 per member.  It was mentioned that the wife of one of the chairs had been injured while riding a quad and that the DDGM of Western district was in Thunder Bay Regional for medical treatment.


The DDGM then announced that the Grand Master’s number one priority this year was communication.  At this point, Bro. King circulated the first copy of the district newsletter, which will incorporate the square and compasses in its logo.  A discussion ensued where it was suggested that there be a representative from each lodge who would send articles of interest and photos to Bro. King for inclusion in future publications. The email advising of the newsletter would contain a link to the District website.  It was Bro. King’s hope that future publications would deal with all branches of masonry in the district i.e. Scottish Rite, York Rite, Eastern Star and Shrine.


The trestle board was the next item. It was hoped that we could reduce costs by having paper black and white hard copy.  The district web site would be in colour. The trestle board was extensively revised by the DDGM to more accurately reflect the various Grand Lodge committees.


The trestle board has gone to the printers and should be available shortly.


The next item was the DDGM’s charity of choice for the year, namely the MasoniChip. W. Bro. Botchar then gave a report of the number of kits, cost of computers, etc. which have occurred in the district.  He then outlined, assisted by R. W. Bro. Davis, a way for masons in the district to obtain a charitable donation from Aviva Insurance.  It involves logging on to the Aviva web site to vote each day from Oct. 1st to 15th. If you have more than one email address, you can vote each one once daily for the 15 days.  The object is to get into the top 30 projects so that a panel set up by Aviva will allocate a generous amount for the project.  As far as locally, W. Bro. Botchar will try and visit with the DDGM and will bring with him a box to receive donations from the brethren. Charitable receipts will be given.


The DDGM then circulated what amounted to be job descriptions for the chairs and others for review. It was his hope that these would eventually evolve and be adopted.  As an adjunct of this initiative, W. Bro. Breen circulated a proposal by the Masonic District Association which would see a closer integration between the association and the chairs of the DDGM’s committees. As this was the first presentation of such a wide sweeping change in our district little discussion took place.  Much study and review and future discussions will have to take place. It was generally agreed that such an initiative was worthwhile to pursue.


It was finally agreed that future meetings would be held on an as needs basis and that monthly or bi-monthly meetings weren’t required at this time.


Meeting adjourned at 12.45 pm.


W. Bro. Tom Appelt

District Secretary