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SATURDAY, November 03,  2012

Place: Beacon Restaurant shoreline




Old Business


Minutes from the Masonic Association meeting held on September 15, 2012 were read along with excerpts from the District meeting held on September 22, 2012.


Comments were made regarding the Lodge of Instruction. Overall thought was that it was good. It was noted that you can always learn something. There is interest that an instruction team be formed at the district level to provide lodges of instruction to various lodges on a regular basis. Grand Lodge was contacted to see if any presentations could be done on “how to conduct a lodge of instruction”.


Voting continues with respect to AVIA. Comments made pointed out that our votes were down and the Masons had fallen to 64th (Marathon Library project was mentioned as pulling ahead of the Masons).  It was pointed out that Dean Botcher had made two TV appearances promoting the project. People who have used the CHIP service should also be encouraged to vote which would show their support for the CHIP program.  It was also commented the Masons were competing against other charities which seem to be contrary to what Masonry is all about. It should also be noted that AVIVA would like to see Northern Ontario win as this provides a good geographical platform for other aims.

Thank yous all around for the DDGM dinner. There were about 64 people who came out for the dinner and approximately $200 was given to the Masonic Chip program.


New business


Shuniah Lodge : the $200 Shuniah flood relief donation and the challenge for all lodges to match our donation.  All were encouraged to get their own lodges to support donations for the flood relief.


Discussed planning any Masonic Association events well before had so everyone would know and the event would be successful. Examples of the annual picnic, the hockey tournament and the DDGM dinner were provided as events that needed to be better planned.


The DDGM spoke about the newsletter on the website being a very good one.


Tom Appellat minutes as stated earlier were relayed to the group.


Bob Gillman spoke about the Kettle Drive on December 15th and handed out forms to people present so they could get returned to individual lodges. As usual Fort William will be at the LCBO on Arthur, Cam will be on Arthur Street, Shuniah will be at The Thunder Centre LCBO, Superior will be at the Intercity Mall, Connaught will be at Walmart and Port Arthur will be at the Super Store.


Ed Carr reminded all of the Sunday Breakfast at Dease Street from 1 to 9 on Nov. 18th.


Rick Maloney mentioned the Shriners would be back in the Santa Clause parade this year and encouraged all that owned a fez to come out and walk along with those that would be driving the motorized novelty vehicles.


Bob Gillman inquired about getting Lodge Master’s pictures on the web site. He was directed to contact Ken Chase.


Jon Stewart spoke about the fund raising capabilities of Ducks Unlimited and thought the process they use would bode well for the Masons even on internal events. Stated that the annual Ducks Unlimited dinner was a great social event as well as a fund raiser. He was looking for a couple of guys that would like to attend the dinner on Nov. 16th to observe how the dinner was run. Rick Maloney point out that there were some Grand Lodge regulations regarding fundraisers and before one was setup to make sure that the Grand Lodge rules were understood so no violations occurred.


-Masonic Association tab on the Website (John Breen and Jim Horbow to discuss)

-Anyone with an interesting article they would like to publish should speak with Tim King to get it in the newsletter

-Getting our events into the Website Calendar (Grant to have the Calendar appearing in the Newsletter also appear separately on the Website) January Meeting The Masonic Association to populate the Calendar for events it will be running.

-John to send a formal letter to Fort William Lodge thanking them for hosting the DDGM Dinner on their regular meeting night in October.

Next Meeting: January 5th, 2013 at the Beacon Restaurant, Shoreline, Breakfast at 8:00 Meeting at 8:30


Meeting adjourned: 9:25


Where do we go from here?


Next meeting