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SATURDAY, February 2, 2013

The Algoma District Masonic Association Meeting on Saturday, February 2, 2013 was called to order at 8:35 by the President, John Breen.

There were 7 members present.

An explanation of last meetings attendance issues were explained by the Secretary.

Discussion items introduced were :-

The Masonic Association should request all lodges send at least one, if not two delegates to the meetings to get to know about inter-lodge social events to improve communication and thereby attendance at these events.

The Masonic Association of Algoma District should become the forum for knowing the “directions” of the current DDGM. It would “drive”  a sense of continuity within the district. What are the timeframes involved, etc.

Elections should take place to replace the officers of the Algoma Masonic Association.

The DDGM guideline will be ready by the end of March outlining the connection with the Masonic Association.

A topic for consideration was presented that two members, one of whom is the current Junior Warden of each lodge, be chosen as the voting members of each lodge attending the Masonic Association meetings. This would avoid “swinging” the vote as well as any unwanted political agenda.

In the past there were suggestions to use the Masonic Association to create “Super” Degree Teams to help out around the District. Regardless, there could be more Masonic Association inter-lodge sharing.

Secretaries of the various lodges around the District have NOT been reporting the Meeting dates to their Membership. Junior Wardens should take on this responsibility in such a situation and get up on their feet and discuss meeting topics, dates, and communicate this information to their lodge members.

For the next meeting there should be a TREASURER’S report.

The importance of the Association should be shared with the district membership and in order to accomplish this a “formal” due might serve this purpose.

Discussion followed on next meeting dates and times and numbers who might show up.

 Motion to adjourn at 9:30 a.m. Confirmed March 2, 2013.

Next Meeting date and place is as usual …. The first Saturday of the month (March 2nd ) at the Beacon Room breakfast area of the Shoreline Hotel on Cumberland Street.