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SATURDAY, November 02, 2013

Shoreline Motor Hotel, Beacon Restaurant, 61 Cumberland St. N., Thunder Bay


Attendance – 12 members as outlined on attendance sheet


Call to order – 8:35 a.m. after breakfast


The agenda was stated:

                Reading of the past meeting’s minutes

                Ideas on new format, new ideas, viable alternatives to current meetings

                Bro. John Stewart on financial statement of the D.D.G.M.’s diner and update on the prizes for the BBQ

                Thanks to all regarding the D.D.G.M.’s dinner


Round table

  • The President called the meeting to order.

  • Last meeting minutes read and approved.

Ralph spoke about business cards (Masonic Association) Ralph will have a firm answer after Monday night. The cards will not be laminated.


The chair on new meeting format.  Suggested that the meetings be held at a Lodge due to the limited space available at the Beacon. Some of those present suggested that breakfast and fellowship before the meeting would leave something wanting. After much discussion it was decided that the next meeting would be on  FEB. 16 (third Sunday in Feb) at the Dease Street Temple. (Those wanting Breakfast can participate in the Shrine sponsored breakfast (9-1) Meeting at 11:00. The chair also spoke about keeping the organization fresh by changing up the executive.


John Stewart - Gave an updated on the financial statement from the D.D.G.M. dinner. The intent of Masonic Association events is to be as close to breaking even as possible. Although this event did not quite break even, it was very close with little money supplied by the Association. All reports were positive with the general consensus that the dinner was a success. It was suggested that the D.D.G.M. dinner be held in conjunction with the September meeting of Shuniah Lodge. Although this idea has merit, it was felt doing the dinner in September would give little time to prepare. It was felt that the dinner should be in October which would allow September to be available to promote the event. Obviously the dinner is for the D.D.G.M. and he should have his say as to when and where. Leif stated that he greatly appreciated the dinner and went on to say bringing applicants to the dinner was an excellent way to show interested people what Masonry is all about. He would encourage bringing new comers to such events in the future. John spoke about the 128 prizes he had purchased at a very good price ($152.74) Prizes include foot balls, frizbees, ball caps, soccer balls, foam balls and cribbage boards. Definitely something for everyone. Picnic date June 29th / start time 12:00


The chair thanked all those who helped make the dinner a success. He recognizes all the hard work involved and when the event goes without any major concerns it pays off.


Grant Poulin called for elections stating that the last two meetings elections were called but there had not been a quorum. John Stewart and Rick Maloney were acclaimed President and Treasurer respectfully. John Stewart as the new President gave a few of his thoughts on what he had planned for the outlying lodges and providing better communications within the district. Other executive positions will be held at the meeting in February.


Leif – spoke about the Grand Lodge website and communication and outreach. Leif provided us with the Strategic goals and tactical plan from Grand Lodge regarding community outreach and communication. Leif setup a very portable poster stand that was state of the art. It was compact and created quite a display. The intent would be to set it up at every public Masonic event (chip program for example) to make sure that the Masons were highly visible in the community. To that comment, Leif reminded everyone that we were allowed to wear our regalia for memorial day services.


The meeting adjourned at 9:45