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WEDNESDAY, February 19, 2014


The Algoma District Masonic Association Meeting Wednesday February 19th was called to order at 11:10 a.m. by the President.

Location was the Dease Street Temple

The location and time of the meeting had previously been chosen to coincide with the Shriner Breakfast put on by the Dease Street Temple, as a method of supporting this event and moving to a more private location.

Sign in was taken from those arriving.

A $2.00 Ticket was offered to those in attendance for a door prize at the end of the meeting.

Additions to the agenda as offered by President John Stewart included two suggestions from the Secretary (new Secretary election request, and SKYPE broadcasting of upcoming meetings) and one from Past President John Breen suggesting By-laws updating to reduce quorum voting requirements.

Minutes from the November 2, 2013 meeting were made by Past President John Breen (who took them while acting as Substitute Secretary while the Secretary was out of town.)

In the absence of the Treasurer no report was made however it was mentioned by the Secretary that two cheques were still uncashed and held with the minutes … Hornepayne Lodge #636 ($52) and Superior Lodge #672 ($54).

Under Old Business, John Stewart mentioned receiving casino style playing cards which could be used at lodge functions, and a great deal on some cribbage boards for $4.50 each. John asked that this topic be put to a vote when quorum numbers permitted to allow him to recover his costs for the purchase of the cribbage boards.

John Stewart shared the letterhead that he had prepared (with Masonic Association over a square and compass, and Algoma District underneath.)

John Stewart introduced a topic regarding the use of the Shoreline Hotel as a meeting place compared with Dease Street Temple, where there is more privacy from public ears. A question was asked regarding booking and cost of using Dease Street location?

John Stewart explained that he had heard via Joe Skehar’s business that SHAW media will install free internet at businesses using their service. Would Dease Street consider this? John ended this discussion stating we could work out the details.

Under New Business the topic of electing a new Secretary is outstanding, and John Stewart introduced the concept of an “apprentice” Secretary to learn how things were done for a few months, to take over in June.

John Stewart reviewed the idea of district lodges with Masonic Association life members (cost = $25.) not paying Masonic Association fees in the future as a saving for district lodges. John also explained how the DDGM planned to donate one dollar per member of the district to the Masonic Association. An associated topic of how the money went to cover Barbeque and Picnic costs followed. From this it was decided that the Masonic Association should NOW be informing district lodges of the plans for the upcoming picnic on either June 28th or 29th to allow those interested in getting items to share at the picnic such as prizes.

Next the discussion about who would be BBQ Chairman followed and John Breen reminded everyone that Rick Maloney had volunteered at our last meeting (Nov. 2) but that he would offer to help as required.

The next topic introduced was Money maker items. John Stewart showed a number of aluminum and alloy Masonic Bumper logos, indicating that he could obtain these from a supplier in West Virginia and would consider getting 40 of these to get started. The sale of these items could be $10. each while the cost was $6.68 each. A discussion followed about how the cost could depend on the interest involved since Shuniah Lodge has these currently for sale, but they are not going very well. Masonic style ball caps was the next item considered with four colors to choose from and a cost of $5.53 each, with sale prices ranging around $12 to $15.

The Secretary interrupted the discussion at this point stating that he would be resigning immediately based on the shift in focus of the Masonic Association becoming a money making operation.  When requested by the President he based this resignation statement on his personal beliefs that many Algoma District members would not support the idea of the Masonic Association getting into money making ventures AND that documentation would be required to satisfy all Algoma District members who may wonder already what the Masonic Association is DOING with the money that has already been received by their respective lodges.

The Secretary agreed to finish taking notes for the current meeting but reiterated that he would not continue in this function for future meetings.

At this point the President stated we do not have to go ahead with any money making issues.

The Secretary reminded the President that a topic overlooked was his replacement, as well as the present number of members in attendance.

Discussion then began around the table that the Masonic Association is at a turning point, and our district lodges need to recognize the reality of the need of the Association. Support via the Worshipful Masters and Wardens is VERY necessary. Push has come to shove, and lodges should be sending their reps to the meetings. Our organization is in a YES / NO situation. We call a meeting reminding every lodge and an email just the day before sent out to 25 members but only 6 attend.

Next meeting discussion followed with many suggestions by all and the date has been chosen to avoid March break and so is Saturday March 22nd at 9 a.m. at the previous location, the Shoreline Hotel on Cumberland Street.

John Stewart reminded the Secretary that his money making objective had been a purchase of about $400. for 60 ball caps and 40 Masonic emblems.

Ralph Delarue turned in a box of Masonic cards (What Masons Are … What Masons Are Not) prepared by Economy Printing with a bill for $111. This will need to be reimbursed by the Treasurer.

Ralph Delarue’s ticket was drawn by John Stewart for the door prize.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.              Submitted by Jim Horbow