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Meeting Minutes
Masonic Association of Algoma District



Saturday, April 5, 2014


09:00 am


Shoreline Hotel, Beacon Room


John Stewart


Tim King


(3) John Stewart (P), John Breen (I.P.P.), Rick Maloney (T)


Jerry Tsubouchi, Bob Mountstephen, Ralph Delarue, Michael Abbott, Tim King



  1. Call to Order – 09:00am
  2. Sign in and $2 attendance draw
  3. Introductions
    Welcome to the Wardens from Connaught Lodge for attending.  Round-table introductions took place.
  4. Review and adoption of Previous Meeting Minutes
    Moved: John Breen                Seconded: Rick Maloney
  5. Committee Report(s)
    1. Treasurers Report
      Money still coming in from Lodges.  Final totals and reconciliations will be presented at May 3rd meeting.  Approx: $1600.00 in the account
      Moved: Ralph Delarue            Seconded: Jerry Tsubouchi
  6. Old Business
    1. Letterhead: The Associations new letterhead was presented and passed around.  This format of branding/identification can begin to be used immediately.
    2. Meeting time and location: The meeting time and place for The Association was suggested to be moved to the Masonic Hall on Dease Street on the 3rd Sunday at 11:00am as an alternative to the Shoreline Hotel at 9:00am.  Privacy concerns rose, but re-iterated Freemasonry is not a secret society, but a society with secrets.  Discussion ensued and appears meetings will stay status quo.
    3. Technology: How to increase attendance took place.  One suggestion was having a Skype account and accommodating the brethren participate via a technology option.
    4. Bills – ‘What is Freemasonry’ cards were printed and Cribbage boards purchased.  These bills have not been paid, one of them for five months.  Due to repeated lack of meeting quorums, an Executive Order was made to pay the outstanding bills to preserve the reputation of Masonry and pay vendors.
    5. Prizes from The Associations inventory were given to Shawn Wright to bring to Cuban Lodges along with ten dollars ($10).
  7. New Business
    1. Letter to address Voting Rights for Life Member and Lodge Affiliation
    2. Events: The Association’s BBQ takes place Saturday June 28th, 2014
      Chairman will be Rick Maloney who will be starting to ask for volunteers to help out.  Food, Family, Prizes and fraternal greetings.
    3. Fundraising: These funds are to provide assistance to the District Lodges in various functions, education, assistance to the brethren’s ladies and family, promote co-operation and social intercourse in excess of its duties to the District Deputy Grand Master.  Currently The Masonic Association collects from each Lodge, two dollars ($2) a year per member.  This cannot completely sustain future activities.

                                          i.    There is a suggestion for the Association to offer the members of Algoma District a way to obtain Masonic-related items/gifts/souvenirs/etc. at a discounted rate.  This can offer anything from ties, lapel pins, hats, gifts, swag for Lodge social events, etc.  It wouldn’t be a store, but an avenue to raise funds to support activities of The Association.  Concerns over stepping on people’s toes brought up and the actual name and function of this venture.  An ad hoc committee made of John Stewart, Rick Maloney, Tim King will design the logistics of the supply resource centre and present to the membership.

                                         ii.    At each meeting, there is a $2 draw for some prize – this is also a fundraising effort to increase the budge of the Association.  A draw was made and Ralph Delarue won.  The quality of products was showcased and a tie was selected.

    1. By-laws: The current quorum of the by-laws state it needs to have ten (10) members present to conduct business.  With a number of meetings not reaching quorum, it is difficult to conduct business and pay expenses with few members present.

                                          i.    By-law proposal to have attendees reduces to five (5).  Other by-law suggestions and amendments have been states – but conducting business is important.  John Stewart will send current by-laws to the membership for review.  Since Lodges pay annual per diem for each Master Mason, notification will be sent to the Lodge Secretaries as correspondence to announce this notice.
Notice of Motion to be for made May 3rd meeting, and May 10th for the vote.  June would not be feasible with upcoming holidays, Lodge events, camping, etc.

                                         ii.    Ad hoc committee under Long-term Planning have been appointed to review By-law amendments.  Members include, Jerry Tsubouchi, John Stewart, Tim King, Rick Maloney, Michael Abbott and John Breen.

  1. Call for Adjournment           10:32am
    Moved: John Breen                Seconded: Bob Mounstephen




Saturday, May 3rd, 2014


Shoreline Hotel, Beacon Room