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Meeting Minutes
Masonic Association of Algoma District



Saturday, January 3, 2015


09:00 am


Shoreline Hotel, Beacon Room


John Stewart


Tim King


John Stewart (P), Rick Maloney (T), Tim King (A. Secretary)


Eric Johnson, Bob Willett, Richard Bauch, Bill Deadman, Al Smith, Garry Maxwell, Peter Hollings, Michael Abbott, George Bruley, Rick Maloney, John Stewart, Tim King



  1. Call to Order
    9:00am – 12 members present
  2. Introductions
  3. Review and adoption of Previous Meeting Notes
  4. Committee Report(s)
    1. Treasurers Report – W. Bro. Rick Maloney
      The financial report was not prepared. At the next meeting, there should be quorum and a complete financial report should be ready for presentation for the newly elected officers
  5. Old Business
    1. Quorum Proposal – Five members, three of which are elected officers to conduct the transactions of business.
    2. Proxy forms to vote on quorum proposal were handed out in case today’s attendees cannot make next month’s meeting.
    3. Discussion on moving meeting location and time – consensus is to remain status quo.  There was a suggestion to rotate locations between Thunder Bay and Nipigon to be more inclusive to the other Lodges in the district.
    4. Recommendation to have distribution list to send reminders to call Secretaries/Masters/ Senior and Junior – wouldn’t be hard to have a distribution list.
    5. Algoma District Masonic Resource Centre – concept of an organization to provide support to Lodges in various aspects.  The name was unanimously approved.  It is to maintain the ‘non-profit’ structure and monies are to be re-invested into the merchandise or lodge materials.  Ex: Masonic Association would present an engraved flask/memorabilia to the Installed Master/Past Master at Installations
  6. New Business
    1. Nominations of Officers
      President – John Stewart
      Vice President -
      Secretary – Bob Willett
      Treasurer – Rick Maloney
      Past President – Mike Abbott
    2. Masonic Association dues structure clarified: One dollar for each member of the lodge who is not already a life member.
    3. Ticket 010195 was drawn – Tim King won a tie
      Ticket 010198 was drawn – Rick Maloney won a crystal paper weight
  7. Call for Adjournment
    9:56am the meeting was closed. 




Saturday, February 7th, 2015, 09:00


Shoreline Hotel, Beacon Room