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2008/09 Officers

Wor. Bro. Clive J. Gregory

At the installation of officers on December 2, 2008, The Worshipful Master addressed the assembly with the following two messages.

Audio Message to the Brethren

Audio Message to the Wardens

Clive John Gregory was born in Hounslow, Middlesex, England on August 10, 1969, an only child to Alfred and Rita Gregory.  Clive received all his education in England and for 17 years worked as a computer controller with British Airways. In 2000 he married the former Alyson Matyczuk and they made their home in England for a few years before immigrating to Canada and Thunder Bay.  

When coming to Canada, Clive realized that he had to be self employed and decided to become a landlord, which has grown into a successful endeavour. Clive was initiated into Shuniah Lodge and has been active in the chairs every since.

He is also a 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason

Pictures from the Installation

2008/2009 Officers

Front Row: Bro. Craig Wolverton (SS), Bro. Thomas Goodman (SW), R.W. Bro. Robert W. Cox (DDGM Western District), W. Bro. Clive Gregory (WM), R.W. Bro. Kenneth A. Orr (DDGM Algoma District), W. Bro. Thomas Charlton (D of C), Bro. William Boote (JW)


Second Row: Bro. Patrick Boote (JD), Bro. David Lowe (JS) Bro. Christopher Kampela (IG), W. Bro. Marvin Salmi (Treasurer), Bro. Robert Neill (SD), W. Bro. David Brown (IPM), Bro. William Hawryluk Sr. (Tyler), W. Bro. Albert Harding (Historian), Bro. Gordon Cameron (Organist), Bro. James Horbow (Secretary)




R.W. Bro. Robert W. Cox (DDGM Western District), W. Bro. Clive Gregory (WM), R.W. Bro. Kenneth A. Orr (DDGM Algoma District)




Kitchen Staff (Great Job): Bro, Gerry Siddell, Bro. Chris Higgins, Bro Craig Wolverton



Paying the Piper: W. Bro. Ken Wilson and W. Bro. Bryan Jensen




Head Table: W. Bro. Bryan Jensen, W. Bro. Clive Gregory, R.W. Bro, James Kingston, W. Bro. David Brown, R.W. Bro. Kenneth A. Orr, Bro. William Boote,

Bro. Thomas Goodman




Casual Discussions: R.W. Bro. Robbie Manz, W. Bro Maurace Hycek, R.W. Bro. Kenneth A. Orr, W. Bro. Bruce Anderson, R.W. Bro. Cam Brown 



Casual Discussions: W. Bro. Marv Salmi and W. Bro. Bob Slusar

Photographs Compliments of: Bro. William Boote and W. Bro. Ken Chase