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Connaught # 511
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Shuniah Lodge #287 A.F. & A.M. G.R.C.

Installation of Officers

December 03, 2013

2014 Officers

Left to Right

Front Row:  Bro. Bill Hawryluk I (T), Bro. George Bruley (SW), W. Master Ralph Delarue (WM), R. W. Bro. Leif R. B. Andersen (D.D.G.M.), Bro. John Watson (JW)

Middle Row: Bro. William Deadman (SD), Bro. Gerry Siddall (William Mercer Wilson Recipient), Bro. David Lowe (IG), W. Bro. Jim Horbow (IPM), Bro. Craig Wolverton (Sect)

Back Row:  W. Bro. Bill Boote (Installing Master), W. Bro. Robert Neil (D of C), Bro. Jerry Selby (JD), Bro. Wayne Perrier (Treas)


W. Master Ralph Delarue (WM) being congratulated by R. W. Bro. Leif R. B. Andersen (D.D.G.M.)


The Senior Officers

Left to Right

Bro. George Bruley (SW), W. Master Ralph Delarue (WM), Bro. John Watson (JW)


The Head Table

Left to Right

Bro. George Bruley (JW), Bro. Ralph Delarue (Master Elect) and W. Master Jim Horbow (WM)


Left to Right

R. W. Bro. Robbie Manz, V. W. Bro. Tom Appelt and Bro. John Watson (SD)


R. W. Bro. Robbie Manz and V. W. Bro. Tom Appelt


The Dinner

W. Bro. Bill Boote, the Installing Master and Master of Ceremonies





Enjoying the Meal






The W. Brothers Lundberg - Neil and Gerry

W. Bro. Mitch Treichler

R. W. Bro. Bill Davis

Reply to the Toast to the Visitors

W. Bro. Dean Botcher (through the handle of a coffee cup)

Just fooling around


The Hard Working Food Preparers

Bro. William Deadman, Bro. Gerry Siddall, Bro. Chris Higgins and Bro. John Watson


Bro. William Deadman, Bro. Gerry Siddall and Bro. Chris Higgins enjoying the dinner after all are served