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Shuniah Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 287 G.R.C.

Meet The Worshipful Master - 2015

Worshipful Brother George Bruley

George was born in Port Arthur June l3, 1963 the son of proud parents George and Malinda Bruley. George attended Corpus Christi elementary school, graduated Hillcrest High school, and then finished his formal education at Confederation College with a Construction Engineering Technician Diploma.


George has had a number of occupations over the years. He has worked in construction and with Thunder Bay's local natural gas company. In the last few years George is working as a private investigator with Aberdeen Investigations.


George is not one to let his occupation rule his life. Outside his jobs, George is active in the community. He enjoys being a very active member of the Hill City Kinsmen where he was involved in many charitable causes.


George was initiated in Shuniah Lodge May 27, 2003, passed September 23, 2003, raised November 18, 2003, and started in the chairs shortly after. Proceeding a successful year as Chaplin George had to take some time off due to his private avocations and returned to the Lodge with new energy. George's journey through the chairs was marked by excellent work in ritual and he has a strong sense of leadership.


George is involved in many other aspects of the Lodge including being a strong supporter of the Shuniah fish Derby, and Masonic CHIPS program.


George and his life partner Susan Auld love to travel and always look forward to their trips abroad. Another passion of George's is to take "time out" at the family homestead in Rossport, enjoying a day of fishing on the "big lake" or with an evening cruise to round out a perfect day. George will lead the Lodge by example and we are all looking forward to his year as Worshipful Master of Shuniah #287



Installation Speech

Brethren all,

As we embark on a new Masonic year,  let me first begin by expressing my feelings of how honoured I am to be able to stand before you as your newly installed Master of Shuniah Lodge.


I am feeling a little nervous right now and a bit anxious, but the greatest  feeling by far would have to be how very humbled I am . This feeling is almost overwhelming when I stop to think about all the 'Good men' who have stood in this exact spot over the past 142 years and it is inspirational to see several of these Brethren in the Lodge this evening. I am sure many of these 'Good men' had to of felt in some shape or form as I do right now and it is for this reason that I myself, am  feeling so very humbled in my new position as Master. For myself it is also the believing in the knowledge, that as each of our Worshipful Past Masters stepped up and assumed the Gavel in the East,  they all undoubtedly have met their own personal challenges and obligations head on and they rose above them all. This belief is where my encouragement comes from as one would have to simply reflect back on the longevity of our lodge to see the truth in it.


As the incoming Master I recognize the importance of focusing on the great wisdom and guidance provided to us by our senior Brethren.   I must also recognize our need and obligation to truly focus  and help develop a more hands-on modern approach in regards to mentoring and motivating our Junior Brethren as they try to progress through the work. We all know how busy today's life styles have evolved and the great deal of distractions this newer society brings. I believe that we need to continue not only to engage our newer Brethren inside the Lodge but we also need to find, more than ever,  ways to expand on our existing Brother to Brother, Mentoring and Special Events Committee's. By doing this, it is my sincere hopes that if we can come together in a more relaxing fellowship setting with our newer Brethren we will not only get to know them better,  but more importantly,  this would give us greater opportunities to express to them how Freemasonry has truly touched our lives for the better and could assist them with their own personal growths.


I truly understand the teachings of Freemasonry and how clearly it is written out for us with expressing how we should live our lives. However, in saying this, it is also my personal belief that we are all unique individuals made by God's own hand and that he has also enriched us with the ability to interpret the ideals differently. Allowing each of us to integrate these teachings and practices into our own lives not only in a spiritual way, but I believe in a physical way as well. As in my own case and point,  it was not so long ago when I was introduced to the great properties of Freemasonry by my sponsor W. Bro Charlton. I soon learned from then on that this great Fraternity and it's teaching could only assist in making me a better and caring man in the eyes of God and my fellowmen.


I know this to be true Brethren for if it were not for Freemasonry and the wonderful properties of its "Working Tools" I could honestly say that standing before you in a capacity such as this, would have been next to impossible for me personally.

In my researches I discovered this wonderful modern quote expressing a fresh view when describing Freemasonry to perspective members and it goes like this “the society of today lives in a seemingly increasing moral vacuum, a space which freemasonry, with its Grand Principles … can fill, and to which young intelligent men can look for inspiration, self-improvement and fulfillment.”

Brethren of Shuniah Lodge, I wish to thank you once again for this great honour of allowing me to be your Master for the ensuing year and I will do my utmost to fulfill my duties to you and the Craft.


Fraternally Yours,

George W. Bruley, WM