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Old Tymers Night

May 05, 2015

At the annual Old Tymer's Night, Shuniah Lodge honored Wor. Bros. Roger Greenhalgh and Bernie Bogensberger

Left to Right

Wor. Bro. Roger Greenhalgh, Wor. Master George Bruley, Wor. Bro. Bernie Bogensberger

V. Wor. Bro. Bernle Bogensberger was born May 19, 1943. He was the youngest member from a family-of 12 siblings. He immigrated to Canada in 1961 and joined his brothers working the mines at Manitouwudge, Red Lake and Lynn Lake. He married in 1962 to Teresia and they had 3 children, Werner, Brigiua and Richard.  He moved to Thunder Bay in 1971 to start working as an upholsterer (which was his trade in Austria), when he moved to a house on Kenogami Ave.  He became good friends with his neighbour, Bro. Wilfred Dawson and it was Wilf who got Bemie involved with Masonry.  He started his own business (Bernie's Upholstery) in I985 with his oldest son Werner and daughter Brigitta.  He worked the family business until his retirement.  He came out of retirement to start working as a taxi driver in 2014.


Wor. Bro, Roger Greenhalgh was born in the south of England where he received his education, got married and had two daughters.  He immigrated with his family to Canada in the 70's where he worked first in Quebec, Southern Ontario and Manitoba.  He bought a house in Fort Francis where he met Shuniah Lodge member Rt. Wor. Bro. Jim Kingston.  Roger became the first Wor. Master of Granite Lodge.  He met Wor. Bro. Dave Norish who hired him at Ontario Hydro, from where he happily retired.

He became a Member of Shuniah Lodge and Atikokan Lodge.

He now enjoys playing cards with the ladies in the 55"+ Club and traveling extensively.  Liked by all as a true Englishman, Loyal to his Queen


The Head Table

Left to Right

Wor. Bro. James Horbow, Rt. Wor. Bro. Marvin Salmi, Wor. Bro. Bernie Bogensberger, Wor. Bro. Roger Greenhalgh, Wor. Master George Bruley, Bro. John Watson


The Banquet


The Hard Working Kitchen Staff

Left to Right

Bro Eric Searle (Junior Steward), Bro. Chris Higgins (Historian), Bro. Gerald Siddall  (WMW)