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Algoma District Travelling Square







To The Worshipful Master, Officers and Brethren of Terrace Bay Lodge No. 662. A.F. & A.M.




The Travelling Square was presented to Hornepayne Lodge No 636 by Kaministiquia Lodge No 584 on May 3rd 2008.  In keeping with the wishes of those illustrious brethren of 1958 who created The Travelling Square that it will never rest too long in any one place it again resumes its journey of Masonic enlightenment.


We are pleased to present to you The Travelling Square during the official visit of the District Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Kenneth Orr.


Sincerely and fraternally, 

Steve Renaud

Worshipful Master




Congratulations again Brother Rooney and Brother Crupi, you have taken the first step.  You are now Entered Apprentice Masons and the newest members of Terrace Bay Lodge No 662.  I am sure that this is an experience you will never forget.  It was also one that undoubtedly will raise many questions in your mind.


We encourage you to ask questions.  We will do everything within our power to help you better understand Masonry in general and the Degree through which you recently passed in particular.


One means of clarifying in your mind the ceremony of your initiation is to see it again as an observer.  While you are required to be accompanied by a Master Mason who can vouch that you are an Entered Apprentice Mason, you are now able to visit and view the First Degree in any lodge in any Jurisdiction recognized by our Grand Lodge.  I encourage you to visit other lodges and experience the Initiation of a new brother.  In this manner, you will develop personal friendships in the Craft and by observing other Masons as they experience this Degree, you will appreciate more fully the first step you have taken in your Masonic journey.  If you are interested in visiting another lodge to witness the Work of the First Degree and your sponsors will ensure that you are given that opportunity.


Your entrance into Masonry was symbolic of your entrance into life.  As during your formative years you learned and developed intellectually by asking many questions, it is hoped that you will continue to learn and grow by asking questions that will help you to understand Speculative Masonry.  We acquire skill and wisdom through observation, trial and practice.  We recommend that you listen carefully to the guidance of the Lodge Officers and your sponsors as they lead and direct you.  You represent a cornerstone of the Craft.  You are beginning your Masonic career from the initial start; the figurative edifice that you raise on that cornerstone will be of your own volition, as it will be your effort and involvement in the Craft that will dictate the final shape of that structure.  We hope that you will enjoy building that cornerstone.


We expect that your enthusiasm for the Craft, hopefully fuelled by the ceremony of your initiation and expectation of more yet to come, will instil in you a burning desire to improve your knowledge of Masonry and yourself as a Mason by actively participating in your Lodge and the Craft in general.


Masonry is a progressive science; to advance, it is necessary to have a firm foundation of what has already transpired, and to build on this.  Therefore, prior to proceeding to the next Degree, you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge of portions of the Ritual and ceremony of the Entered Apprentice Degree by memorizing the answer to certain questions.  As well, there are certain other parts of the ceremony contained in our written ritual that you will be expected to learn.  Your sponsors or other members of the lodge will be available to coach you, not only to memorize the words, but also to understand their meaning and significance.  You will feel a sense of accomplishment in completing this work, which will open new doors of friendship and fellowship with you.

Strive to make the principles in which we believe - Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth a constant part of your life.  We cherish these principles as fundamental tenets of our fraternity.  Let's pause for a moment and expand upon the practical application of these three principles to our everyday life.


Love for family and a friend give the highest significance and status to the wants and needs of others and is demonstrated by our selflessness.  We work and sacrifice for those we love and delight to be with them.  Brotherly Love extends this concept of love to all mankind, without it life can be lonely and depressing.


Our Masonic concept of Relief considers that, even to the most industrious and well-disciplined, occasions arise through no fault of their own when a helping hand is needed and is appreciated.  Money is not always the basis of Relief; often Relief simply means a friendly visit and word to an older Brother, a member who is sick or immobilized, or the widow of a deceased member, and providing physical assistance as required.  When financial problems do beset a member, however, most lodges and Grand Lodge have Benevolence Committees to provide some financial assistance when a small boost is all that is required to see a Brother or his family over a rough period.  To extend Relief is a right and privilege we enjoy and practice - to both Masons and non-Masons.  To receive Relief is an equal right and privilege.  Truth is the divine attribute we all profess, the foundation of every virtue.  It is synonymous with sincerity, honesty of expression and plain dealing, all traits by which we wish to be measured.  Brotherly Love - Relief - and Truth.


All business of lodges in our jurisdiction is conducted in the First Degree, This means that as an Entered Apprentice, you now share with your brothers the privilege and responsibility of casting a ballot for potential new members, whether they seek membership by initiation or affiliation from another lodge in a jurisdiction accepted by our Grand Lodge.  It is a privilege, because you have a voice equal to that of every other member.


While recognizing equality in the brotherhood of man, Masonry also recognizes the rank attained by individual brethren through their contribution to the Craft.  You will recall that after your obligation, you began to be referred to as BROTHER.  You will note that other brothers are referred to as WORSHIPFUL BROTHER, VERY WORSHIPFUL BROTHER, RIGHT WORSHIPFUL BROTHER or MOST WORSHIPFUL BROTHER.  The term Worshipful Brother designates a brother who is serving or has served his lodge as Worshipful Master.  Very Worshipful Brother is used to designate a Past Master who has been appointed as a Grand Lodge Officer by the Grand Master the term Right Worshipful Brother designates a Past Master who has been elected to a Grand Lodge Office.  The term Most Worshipful Brother is reserved for the leaders of the Craft: those illustrious brothers who are serving, or have served as Grand Master.


The three principal officers of a lodge are the Worshipful Master, the Senior and Junior Wardens.  There are eleven other officers who assist in the operation of the lodge.  We refer to these various offices as chairs.  It is your duty to assist them in the well ruling and governing of the Lodge.


You must strive to improve yourself in Masonry by keen observation and active participation in the affairs of the lodge and the craft.  When you have finally advanced to the degree of a Master Mason you may then have the opportunity of serving in a chair.


The privilege of serving as a Lodge Officer is a goal many Masons aspire to.  It is a great honour which a Lodge offers to a Brother such as yourself, to serve in the various chairs and eventually of being installed as the Worshipful Master of your Lodge.  Then, as a Past Master you may someday have the honour of being appointed or elected to serve as a Grand Lodge Officer.


Like much in life, the benefits that you will derive from your association with Masonry will be directly proportional to the time and effort you give it.  Your journey through Masonry will be enhanced by your regular attendance at your lodge meetings.


Each month, the Secretary, on behalf of the Worshipful Master, will send you a summons to attend lodge.  It will contain information about what is to happen at the next meeting and other material of general Masonic interest.  This will enable you to stay abreast not only of what is happening in the Lodge, but in the Craft in general.


Through your attendance you will gain a better appreciation of the teachings of Freemasonry, benefit from the fellowship that the Craft offers, and demonstrate your support of the Worshipful Master and Officers of the Lodge.


It is important that you record your attendance each time you attend Lodge, either your own or when you are visiting, by signing the Register; this provides a permanent account of your presence, which will live on for the information of future generations of Masons.

 We welcome you into the Craft and assure you that we walk the same path and will be with you every step of the way.


We trust your life as a Freemason will be one that you will treasure personally and share with others.



 Presented by V.W. Bro. Lou Rendell