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Algoma District Travelling Square







The Worshipful Master and Brethren All,


Fraternal Greetings:


On behalf of the Worshipful Master of Kenogamisis Lodge No.656, A.F. & A.M., GRC, W. Bro. Mark Stephenson, it gives me a great deal of pleasure in presenting the travelling square to your Lodge for safe keeping, and trust you will deliver the Square to another Lodge in our jurisdiction when the first opportunity presents itself.


Kenogamisis Lodge has the distinction of having the Travelling Square in Safe keeping for the longest time, and we trust your Lodge will not consider taking that away from our members.  We have definitely shortened this period by considerable time with the presentation on this date and trust that will be considered by your members in the future.


In making this presentation, our Worship Master and the members of Kenogamisis Lodge wish you, Worshipful Sir, and all your members all the best in 1995 and future years to come.  May our friendship and fellowship remain as close as it has in past years.


I remain,


                                                                                                Yours Fraternally,


                                                                                                R.W. Bro. Herb Pile,



Speaker for the Evening:     W. Bro. Mark Stephenson, Worshipful Master,




Masonry has been making headlines in the last few months and it seems that every few years someone or some group attacks us and what they say about us is not good. For the uninitiated they wonder about us.


For a few moments this evening I would like to discuss with you about OUR Way of Life, and possibly this little talk will help you answer the many questions that people ask about us.


Basically freemasonry is a Way of Life -- we are a fraternal organization, religious in Character but NOT a religious organization.  Our work is based on the belief in the Fatherhood of GOD -- God the Father -- God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and the brotherhood of man and immortality of the soul.


Freemasonry is not a secret society as many would surmise.  Most lodges own their own buildings and as such pay taxes and utilities and meet together the same as Rotary, the Lions Club, and Elks Club and similar to many other groups.


Freemasonry is a volunteer organization wherein the interested comes of his own freewill and accord on religion or politics have no place in our proceedings.


Our aims, our efforts, and our purpose are to strive to do charitable work within our membership and throughout the community.  Through our teachings we seek to make good men -- better men.


Our lessons are based on the GOLDEN RULE - Tolerance towards all men; respect for one’s family; Charity towards all and to be true to God for all his numerous blessings.


We are a band of men bound together in the bonds of brotherly love and affection that extends throughout the World.


The first condition of admission into membership of the order is a belief in the Supreme Being -- this is essential and holds no compromise.


The Bible is always open in our lodges while Masons are assembled.  We seek no converts.  We have no religious ritual or worship but make use of Biblical teachings.  We have no religious symbols as found in Church or Synagogues, other than our Square and Compass with God at the centre.

We do not teach that one religion is better than another.  We admit men of all religions.  Belief in God is Faith – Belief about God is Theology.  Freemasonry endorses Belief in God – our Faith.


To sum it all up Freemasonry is Kindness in the Home; Honesty in Business; Courtesy in Society; Fairness in Work; pity and concern for the unfortunate; resistance towards wickedness; help for the weak; trust in the strong; forgiveness for the penitent; love for one another and above all reverence and the love for God.


My brethren Freemasonry is a way of life -- a good way of life.


Let me close with a reading of the Beatitudes of Freemasonry


Presented by W. Bro. Mark Stephenson