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Algoma District Travelling Square


The Travelling Square - April 10, 2010





Tonight I have the honour of presenting to Kaministiquia Lodge #584 the Travelling Square.  Since November 03, 1954, the travelling square has held us to our obligation and bounded us to act thereon.


It has been shaped in the form of an old "Gallows Square."  It is believed that the gallows square was hung in the center of the Lodge long before the letter "G" and indeed, it is one of the original forms of the Hebrew Ghimmel, corresponding to our English "G."   In this sense it symbolizes the foundation head of all knowledge as well as the grand science upon which masonry is founded.


The square has been made of hard material, highly polished, yet unadorned.  lt was made of hard material to emphasize that the knowledge imparted over the square should be as durable as the square itself. The high polish symbolizes the shining beauty of truth and the unadorned surface symbolizes the clean sheet to lay out lines and ideas.


The square is one of the most important and significant symbols in Freemasonry.  It is simply the trying square of a stone-mason and has a plain surface, the sides or legs embracing an angle of ninety degrees and is intended only to test the accuracy of the side of a stone and to see that it edges subtened the same angle.


In Freemasonry, it is a symbol of morality; of truthfulness; and of honesty, this is its general signification and is applied in various ways.  It presents itself to the newly OB mason as one of the three great lights.  So universally accepted is this symbol that it has gone outside of the order and has been found in many languages communicating the same idea.


As stones are cut to fit into a building, so our acts and thoughts are built together into a structure of character, badly or firmly and must be tested by a moral stand of which the simple try-square is a symbol.  Each of us has in his own heart a little try-square called conscience by which to test each thought and deed and word, whether it be true or false by as much as a man honestly applies that test in his own heart and in his relations with his fellow man.


True to the symbol for which it stands, the Travelling Square moves on carrying with it further light in Masonry.  Today its light shines on Kaministiquia Lodge #584.


Presented by W. Bro. Gary Christian