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Algoma District Travelling Square







The Worshipful Master and the Brethren All,


Fraternal Greetings:


On behalf of the Worshipful Master, Des Curran, of Thunder Bay Lodge No. 618 A.F. & A.M., GRC, Wor. Br. Newbold, it gives me a great deal of pleasure in presenting the travelling square to your Lodge for safe keeping, and trust you will deliver the Square to another lodge in our jurisdiction when the first opportunity presents itself.


In making this presentation, our Worshipful Master Desmond Curran and the Brethren of Thunder Bay Lodge wish you, Worshipful Sir, and all the Brethren of Fort William Lodge No. 415 all the best in 2002.


Yours Fraternally,

Wor Bro. J.D. Wallace




The Travelling Square was first presented to Superior Lodge No. 672 in trust for the Algoma District of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, on March 12, 1958.  It was to be carried throughout the district to forward the cause of Masonic education.  A copy of each lecture delivered over the square was to be filed in the companion note book for future reference.


The Traveling Square was made into the shape of the old “Gallows Square”.  Ancient historical reference leads us to believe that the Gallows Square was hung in, the centre of the lodge, long before the letter “G”.  The Gallows Square is the original form of the Hebrew “Ghimmel”, which corresponds to our English letter “G”.  In this sense it symbolizes the fountainhead of all knowledge, as well as the grand science upon which Masonry is founded.


Some of the background on the custom of presentation of the Traveling Square in the Algoma District may be appreciated.


During a period of Masonic expansion in our Algoma District, the Square provided the opportunity for inter-lodge Fraternity, Fellowship, and Education; which in turn promoted the values of Masonry:


A) A Beautiful system of Morality


B) Veiled in Allegory and


C) Illustrated by signs and symbols; as it was carried to and presented at each Lodge.


We must remember these visitations began in a difficult time in regards to communications and travel; the Brethren of that time did not have the luxuries of roads and communications, which we enjoy today.


Since its origin in 1958, 39 presentations have been recorded:

Superior Lodge -- 7

Thunder Bay Lodge -- 5

Shuniah Lodge -- 4

Kenogamisis Lodge -- 4

Port Arthur Lodge -- 3

Lakehead Lodge -- 2

Connaught Lodge -- 3

Royal Lodge -- 3

Fort William Lodge -- 2

Kaministiquia Lodge -- 2

Terrace Bay Lodge -- 2

Hornepayne Lodge -- 2


The Holy Bible is placed on the Altar with the square and compasses.  God and the square, which are religion and morality, must be present in every lodge as its ruling lights or it fails being a just and truly constituted lodge.  In all lands, in all rites, the Square is a symbol of righteousness.


Since the Tri-Square was used to prove that all angles were right angles.  It naturally became an emblem of accuracy, integrity and rightness.


As stones are cut to fit into a building, so are our acts and thoughts which combine into a structure of character, and must be tested by a moral standard of which the tri-square is a symbol.


Each of us in our own heart has a little Tri-Square called a conscience by which we test each deed and word.


Inevitably a society without standards will be a society without stability.  Nations and entire civilizations have perished in the past for the lack of Righteousness, and we dare not disregard it.  As a builder must adjust his structure to the laws and forces that rule in the material realm, we must live in obedience to moral laws which God has dictated as the order of things, or our lives will fall and end in wreckage.


One does not need to be a prophet to foresee the result; it is like a problem in Geometry.


Masonry is a way of living a plan, a method, and a faith by which we may build our days and years into a character so strong and true that not even death can destroy it.


From a lengthier poem -- I gleamed the following:


                                                “Engrave upon my monument

                                                For those who come to see

                                                Just this one phrase for all


                                                To show my life was fair

                                                Here sleepeth now a fellow who

                                                Was always on the square.”



Presented by W. Bro. Jack Wallace