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Visiting   Why - February 07, 2017


Presented to: Shuniah Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 287 by Terrace Bay Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 662

 Thunder Bay, Ontario

Presented by W. Bro. Real Deschatelets


This evening I would like to chat about what has proven to be a great experience to many Masons. Visiting other Lodges.


As you are aware there are Masonic Lodges all over the world. One important note is that when visiting other jurisdictions it is wise to make sure that lodge you are visiting is recognized by our Grand Lodge.  In the front of your lodge register is a list of all recognized Grand Lodges.


It is not necessary but contacting the lodge you want to visit gives them a heads up you are coming it can also help to know a name ahead of time as well as having someone vouch for you. They can also recommend places to stay or eat if its new to you. With the internet today you can easily search out lodges and find names, numbers and email addresses. And of course when all else fails your good old Lodge secretary can do some dirty work for you in making arrangements.


When we have hosted our open houses the one thing we always tell future Masons is our fraternity is very comparable to the firefighters. The square and compass is a lot like that firefighters crest in the way of having an instant connection to that person. No matter where you are in the world you have that instant bond with a fellow Mason.


The ritual is the same but people bring their own personalities to it. It is always great to see little differences in the way lodge business is conducted. Why would you not want to get out and meet some good men who are “better”. It is amazing that the longer we are in this fraternity just how many people one can meet if we chose to. I have only been a mason for just over 6 years and I have masonic connections from all over. Who would have thought I would be sending pictures of our snowmobile meetings to Brothers in BC and in the southern United States. This years snowmobile meeting we have someone from Utah interested in attending!!


Every lodge has something different to offer. The temple in Sault Ste Marie has such a unique bathroom they rented it out for a few thousand dollars over a weekend for a movie shoot, their one office room had some very rare posters of each of the three degrees, Elliot lakes temple had an old masonic poster I had never seen anywhere else, the temple in Superior Wisconsin is so big it needs micro phones and speakers and the private bar on the 2nd level is worth a visit.  A recent visit to Golden Star No 484 in Dryden where there was a bunch of beautiful framed stained glass pictures one being of the goose and gridiron displayed on their ceiling to remind everyone where Masonry began in 1717. Whether you take a drive up to what seems to be a dead end hwy or in some fancy old lodge building on Red River Rd there is always one thing in common. You are always welcome!


Just imagine…  a dues card in your wallet is like a passport to the world and some adventure you never knew existed.  There are lots of reasons to go visiting.. history, meeting new “better” people, learning new things… Get out and visit.   


Co-written by W.M. Real Deschatelets and W. Bro. Jason Nesbitt, Terrace bay Lodge No 662 Feb 2017