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Algoma District Travelling Square


Working Tools Travelling Mason - March 10, 2010





I now present to you the working tools of a traveling mason; they are the Tire Jack, CAA card and the cell phone.


The tire jack is the first tool placed in the hands of the traveling brother, to enable him to lift his car and change the tire, while swearing and soiling his clothes.


The CAA card is a small piece of plastic; meaningless by itself, but powerful when the first tool proves unsatisfactory.  Though recognized by various drivers under different class licenses, it yet admitted by them all that no towing can be done without it.


The cell phone is an annoying tool, expensive in its use and yet an evil necessity."  It is calculated to have its battery die just when it is about to be engaged with the second tool, and the mightiest curses have been created by its aid.


But as we are not traveling masons, but more social and local or visiting brethren we apply these tools to our social graces.  In that sense from the jack we learn that it is more important to lift our brethren up than worry about a soiled trouser or a bit of inconvenience.


From the CAA card we learn that help, support and back up are of vital importance.  It is more important to help one another than to try to go it alone.  That teamwork is the way to grow.  Although the lodge may be strong and the members may be dedicated it is all in vain if we do not support one another.


From the cell phone we learn communication is necessary to achieve camaraderie, that devotion is achieved through repeated and caring conversations alone and nothing short of familiarity and support is necessary to induce the virtue of brotherly love, encourage the lodge and raise membership from obscurity.


On the whole we deduce the following moral, that visiting, meant as support, aided by team work and prompted by brotherly love will finally overcome all our hurdles, raise attendance through association and promote contentment in the lodge of Free Masonry.


Received from Andrew Skene.

Presented by W. Bro. Mark Kusznier


This lecture was created as a toast to the visitors in January of 2004 for installation of officers for Lebanon Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 139.  The creator was:

Wor. Bro. Scott McQuillin

Past Master-  Lebanon Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 139

We are grateful to Wor. Bro. McQuillin for providing permission to reproduce this lecture on our website.